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As of October 2018, UK Film Review is proud to announce that they will be a Media Partner for the excellent Berlin Liberi Film Festival



As proud supporters of indie films, the Berlin Liberi Film Festival and UK Film Review have a lot in common and hope that the partnership will increase awareness and opportunities for filmmakers in Germany, the UK, and worldwide. 


Stay tuned on all the relevant social media platforms for both the festival and UK Film Review to ensure you stay up to date with the latest news, film reviews, events, photographs, videos, and more.


Review films at the Film Festival


As with all the film festivals that partner up with UK Film Review, attendees of the Berlin Liberi Film Festival will be able to submit film reviews of the movies they see directly on the UKFR website. 


Simply visit this page and fill out the form near the bottom of the page. We hope that this increased engagement is great for people attending the festival as well as promotion for the filmmakers. If we like your review, we may ask if we can publish it on our main site!


50% Discount Code for UK Film Review Fans on Submission Fees


If you are a filmmaker and would like to submit your film to the Berlin Liberi Film Festival, use the code: UKFRBERLINLIBERI to get 50% off the submission fee! 


Click here for the FilmFreeway link








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